• 1930’s

    For many reasons, the Potato House that stands today is assumed to have been prefabricated in Wells, British Columbia. First, there were not enough materials to build the house in Williams Lake during the time of construction. Secondly, Wells B.C was a prefabrication hub during the time, with plentiful materials. Additionally, many houses built in 1930’s Wells B.C bear a similar resemblance to frame of the Potato House we see today.

  • The house is transported through Devils Canyon from Wells to Williams Lake.

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  • 1941

    The Borkowski Brothers had been learning their trade by reading library books at sundown and setting to work building houses at sunrise. Evidence has been found that the Borkowski Brothers constructed the Potato House. The brothers bought materials from Mr. Fraser and Mr. Mackenzie’s general store, named Fraser and Mackenzie. They start construction in 1941.

  • 1956

    The home is bought by Manuel and Alcina Quintela in 1956, a Portuguese couple who had newly moved to Williams Lake. They begin a sprawling garden to establish their new but modest home.

  • ” I have a faint memory of someone saying long ago that the lady from the Potato House used to get called across the alley to the old Famous Cafe to cook when it got really busy.” – Dell Wheeler, 2009

  • 1976

    Alcina works at the Chilcotin Inn in Williams Lake for 10 years from 1976 to 1986 as a chambermaid. Alcina begins to make her own wine and is said to have invited few close friends over for a social.