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Tours 2022

Walking tours Join us for a walking tour of downtown Williams Lake! From bank robbers and bootleggers to parties and prisons, the handful of blocks around the Potato House are chock-full of colourful history. Whether you’re just driving through or have lived here all your life, come for a stroll of unforgettable stories for all … Continue reading Tours 2022


Please don’t bring… choose your fighter Bacteria, Fungi, and Actinomycetes. Now which one do you think does the heavy lifting in our composting journey? Bacteria make up 80 – 90% of the micro organisms found in compost. Animal-like Fungi can break down the toughest polymers (building blocks). Actinomycetes, a fungi-like bacteria, produces many of the … Continue reading Compost

Craft Kits for Kids!

Come join us family week for crafting fun! All supplies are FREE and Cana be picked up on the front porch of the Potato House Feb. 14 – Feb 21st! Craft instructions can be found online on both our Instagram and Facebook pages. Hoping we will be crafting in person with you this time next … Continue reading Craft Kits for Kids!


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