can you believe it?

We are the one and only drive through composting site in British Columbia!

Please don’t bring…


choose your fighter

Bacteria, Fungi, and Actinomycetes. Now which one do you think does the heavy lifting in our composting journey? Bacteria make up 80 – 90% of the micro organisms found in compost. Animal-like Fungi can break down the toughest polymers (building blocks). Actinomycetes, a fungi-like bacteria, produces many of the antibiotics used in medicine! Not to mention, they are the producers of that “good soil” smell.


Adding compost to our soil enriches our crops with vital nutrients. Not only will our agriculture have richer nutrient density, it will have a better resistance to common diseases.

Eliminating the need for pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.


We hope that by encouraging the community to utilize our composting site, we can lessen compostable waste from entering landfills and producing methane gas.

Did you know that 35-70 % of what we throw away could be composted?

Water Retention

Lets pretend you own one acre of land…

For every 1% of organic material added, your soil gains the ability to retain 1600 Gallons of water.

By using organic material, we don’t have to strain our natural water sources.

Airways in organic matter (from our bacterial fungi friends) invite room for water and oxygen; encouraging root growth, and minimizing run-off and erosion.

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