We are delighted to announce
the Potato House Community Composting Project
for Williams Lake
Mary Forbes, our Executive Director, maintains compost bins along the Potato House back lane at 49 Borland Street (next to the Gecko Tree parking lot). They are there to receive community household food waste and grass clippings. Our goal is to have 500 households participating in the first year. This will extend the life of the CRD landfill and will provide precious compost for community gardens.

The bins are receiving your compost!
According to the Cariboo Regional District, 525 tonnes of compostable food and garden waste are collected in Williams Lake for disposal every year. This is costing taxpayers over $50,000 per year based on $100 per tonne for transportation, operations, and reclamation at Gibraltar Mine. Waste? The real waste is paying so much money to dispose of good organic matter!
Composting Links
Watch the Robert Moberg video about this project.
Thank you to the Cariboo Chilcotin Beetle Action Coalition for providing financial support!